Healthy questionnairy

Are you healthy?

  1. Do you work?
    • Is it a physical work?
    • Are you punctual and effective?
    • Are you a student?
    • Are you doing serious training?
    • Are you in a sport team like basketball or football or whatever sport you run or use your muscle to the limit of your body?
    • Is it a professional formation in a physical job?
  2. Are you suffering from a sickness that will follow you all your life or so?
  3. Are you sleeping enough (8h a sleeping time reference)?
  4. Are you eating as much as you need?
    • Is it a healthy and fully satisfying meal?(are you hungry or feeling anything else than better after eating that?)
    • Do you eat various meals (not always the same)?
  5. Are you relax and Zen?
  6. Do you have someone in your life (family, friends, people you talk to)?

If you are not sick and answered yes to all of them, your healthy.

If you answered yes to most of them, you are still in good health but you should change one or two habit you have

If you are sick and answered no to all of them, I don’t know how you still stand on your foot but you should change life or find something to do out of your pitiful carcass, job, school, hobby, whatever makes you move and meet some new people!!

This is a simple guide for a sane life, not a way to say your life is wrong! Think whatever you want from it, it remains a guide, incomplete for what I know I don’t know and haven’t learned yet from any possible way… Intuition tells me there is more to add but my knowledge stop there for now


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