Healthy questionnairy

Are you healthy?

  1. Do you work?
    • Is it a physical work?
    • Are you punctual and effective?
    • Are you a student?
    • Are you doing serious training?
    • Are you in a sport team like basketball or football or whatever sport you run or use your muscle to the limit of your body?
    • Is it a professional formation in a physical job?
  2. Are you suffering from a sickness that will follow you all your life or so?
  3. Are you sleeping enough (8h a sleeping time reference)?
  4. Are you eating as much as you need?
    • Is it a healthy and fully satisfying meal?(are you hungry or feeling anything else than better after eating that?)
    • Do you eat various meals (not always the same)?
  5. Are you relax and Zen?
  6. Do you have someone in your life (family, friends, people you talk to)?

If you are not sick and answered yes to all of them, your healthy.

If you answered yes to most of them, you are still in good health but you should change one or two habit you have

If you are sick and answered no to all of them, I don’t know how you still stand on your foot but you should change life or find something to do out of your pitiful carcass, job, school, hobby, whatever makes you move and meet some new people!!

This is a simple guide for a sane life, not a way to say your life is wrong! Think whatever you want from it, it remains a guide, incomplete for what I know I don’t know and haven’t learned yet from any possible way… Intuition tells me there is more to add but my knowledge stop there for now


Meaning of life

Everyone need a sense to it’s life.Without it, people lose motivation to do something, everything and ultimately living.

To begin your life, chose a life goal, an objective to achieve that makes you dream. Then think about how to realise it. Don’t be discouraged by all the steps involved, you got a lifetime to do all those steps. Sometimes it’s easier, sometimes harder.

Now let see what life goal you got… Material objects to acquire, knowledge, love and be loved, success in life or career.

Material objects to acquire, this life goal seems secondary to me, but still it’s easy to do. First you need money, to get it you need a job, for the job you need to fulfill the requirements.

So we start with the requirements, scholarship of sec 5 needed for most of the jobs. If you don’t have it and didn’t planed/can’t get it, you still got some chances with the lower jobs like cleaning, cooking in fast food or other jobs you need to search more seriously or have contact to get it. If you got the sec 5 requirement, then your half way there. A plenty of jobs are waiting. Of you got more than sec 5 like college degree or specialized formation or higher, you got the road already traced for the job. If you don’t want this, it still time to find out what you wanna do as a work, find something you love to do and could do forever, find a job relied to it and follow the path. for the other requirements, work on yourself, change and become the perfect worker for this job and once it’s done stay that way until you need to change again. Don’t remove qualities, add them!

To get the job, it’s luck, timing, and/or contacts. Having a car and a cellphone helps but it’s not always  necessary. First you need to make the world know you exist and that you need a job. Then you need some visibility. good thing they know you exist, now time to be special, you need to be on top of the list, to flash among the group. show them your not just like all of the other guys trying to get hired, you really want and need to work there. Just don’t do too much or they might expect more than what you can give. In the interview, you need to sell yourself, be natural. OK more professional than this but you get it, talk about yourself, make them dream!!! Improvise for that last part.

Once you get the job, got you work now, you got money now! Not so fast, wait till you got the money in your hands or bank. Then plan it carefully, what do you absolutely need to pay, bill(OK), games, fast food, drugs and alcohol (not a good idea, fun and entertaining but expensive). plan your monthly budget. Example: car to pay at this date, phone bill, house to pay, insurances, food for the week… Then see if what you gain is bigger than what you lose. If so, good you can enjoy a part and save the other for hard time. If not, cut on stuff you could live without until what you gain is equal or bigger than what you lose.

Now you got the money, save it and accomplish your dream to acquire material object.

Knowledge now, longest one but also one of the strongest. Knowledge is key to any other goal, if you know how to do something, you can do it (obviously). It applies to basically anything… Some exceptions because the solution didn’t appeared or is unreachable for now. Those who got that life goal are always working on it. After all, history is always updating, time flow and you can’t know absolutely everything, secrets lost knowledge, culture exterminated, and other plagues. For that life goal, school and patience is the key.

With time, all questions find an answer.

Love and be loved, what to say about that… Ha!!!  What kind of love are you looking for? Physical, passionate, Platonic? First you need to know what you are looking for, then understand what it means to love and then what is love!

You sure know that love is not always going in both sides and it cause the love in couples to die after a while! So you need to find someone who loves you as much as you love this person, someone who ful fulfill your criteria. I wish you don’t have too much of them cause the more criteria, the less candidates to fit! But be honest with the others and yourself.

Physical love, the love of flesh and it’s pleasures, it last not so long, the time you pass having good or nice sex… It can vary but you might want to experience with others to see what you like the most and how you like it!… Just get sure to be protected, you and the other/others from infections like herpes, sida or the others. Once you catch it, it’s really annoying having to deal with it.

Next the total opposite, platonic love. I personally never experienced it but here’s my opinion of a good hint. Find someone who think the same or can find the balance between your ideas and his. If it’s too different it might collapse. But if you don’t give the same amount of compromise, it’s unbalanced and it collapse too. The middle is perfect, too similar can be boring some times but have less chances of failing.

True love, fire burning through your soul and your soulmate!!! Lucky are those who find it and happy those who live it. It’s hard to find for you need to be looking for something else similar. I found it and live it and it’s wonderful!!! You become one with your loved one you can understand each other and become stronger. By helping each other pass over the problems and challenges of life. NEVER LET THE TRUE LOVE PASS!!! Catch it and make it grow like a flower. Take care of it and cherish the love you fell for each other. And also let yourself be helped, trust is the key of any sane relationship. Be yourself and be honest truth can hurt but it is the right way. Don’t hide stuff but don’t be crude neither use some sugar coated words if need be but  whatever you do think about how your love will feel about what you did. Love means to pass someone before you, to be ready to protect someone by putting your life in exchange of safety to make sure they will stay at your side as long as possible so you can keep taking care of them/him/her for the rest of your life. This is love and everybody needs love